May 23, 2006


Dont worry, I havent forgotten about my Poll Question...I just havent come up with a NEW question...and that's why we've had this last one for so long...hehehe...any suggestions?! I'll probably blog about this last question at work today...

Man, there is really something marvelous about sun streaming through the cracks in curtains! Its fantastic.
I've been lying in bed admiring this fact for about an hour now...

Hehehe...Not going into work until late this morning, a blessing because I've been having a kidney-stone-like pain in my side since late last night. BOO. And while it is definitely liveable, it is also nice to just lie in the fetal position. ;-)

Remember how last week I was bemoaning the fact that I was LONELY...and BORED...and pitiful because I'd just sat at home for several nights in a row?!
Well, I'd like to state for the record that such seasons DO pass...and they can pass in ONE WEEKS TIME. hehehe...
I have something on every single night this week...what's up with that?! It just proves the importance of really milking the season you're in for all its worth. It was really really important that I was left alone with my thoughts last week ( as uncomfortable as that was) that I wouldnt loose sight of what I learned during the hustle and bustle of THIS week.
I'm writing this "for the record" here...because its something I struggle with like NOBODIES business! I, sadly, get bogged down so easily.
No one can ever say that I didnt admit my weaknesses!

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