May 23, 2006

this is interesting...

So, I was hurting pretty bad by 11:45 and so I finally made the decision to take HALF of my recommended dosage of my Living with a Kidney Stone medicine (Tramadole). I mean, I'm technically suppose to be able to drive and do just about anything minus operating heavy machinery ( but, it could be argued I've NEVER been able to operate heavy machinery) on this medicine so I felt like I could DEFINITELY go to work with half...Back when I had my fullon kidney stone episode last August I pretty much lived with this stuff in my system and besides sleeping all the time I thought I dealt well with it...

Boy. I dont know WHERE I went wrong, but I feel like I just drank two glasses of wine... one right after the other...on an empty stomache.

Suuuure, I feel quite...content. But its not particularly condusive to multitasking , or talking articulately...apparently earlier I said "there are no FILMS in that room.." when I should have said "there are no PHONES in that room..."
which created full on confusion with doctor for, like, three minutes....ummm.....yeah.

Its going to be an interesting work day.

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