May 06, 2006

"Feed the Hungry"

On Wednesday night while at the prayer meeting at church I got this picture in my mind of a man...God told the man to "feed the hungry" and so the man found a really poor family that lived in the ghetto near his home and set out to feed this family everyday. He was quite proud of his good work, and could see that God had been right ( of course!) in sending him to "feed the hungry" they definitely appreciated his help!
...but then in this picture I saw that things inevitibly got in the way of feeding this poor family and the man got more and more discouraged as his path to the poor families house was thworted time and time again. However, I smiled to myself as I saw in the picture that as the man was being stopped with all kinds of road blocks and crazy circumstances on the way to the poor families home he was, in the process blindly stepping over lame beggers in the street, children crying for crumbs on the street corner, he was dodging women searching for work so they could feed their children....
I laughed at how very SILLY the man was, he was SO OBVIOUSLY missing God's REAL call for him to "feed the hungry"...God had not asked him to feed just one, this man was putting the Call of God in a box....he saw it as a very small "managable request" by God, and how often is that really the case? The call of God is a very big and scary thing...when you let it be what it truly is, without any defining of your own you will realize that it is limitless, the possiblities stretch out and the adventure has only just begun! How the man was missing all the blessing that would TRULY come if he really followed God's call for his life!

and then I realized the Silly Man was me...

From the moment I was given a direction from the Lord, I began to put restrictions, definitions and all sorts of other "tions" on the things that God has called me to do! Oh that I would lay all the "tions" at His feet and let the REAL work begin!
For every call of God starts the very minute He gives it...whether you are to be a missionary, a teacher, a doctor, a pastor, a wife, a counselor, an intercessor, a business person, a parent, a writer....Sure you may have to go to school first, have a "real job" first..things may not go as quickly or in the way that you first thought during that really great "defining moment" when it was just you and God...but no matter how differently things have happened from that moment on it doesnt take away from the doesnt take away from the Task at hand...what are you missing by being practical? What are you missing by being scared? What are you missing by being a "perfectionist"? What are you missing by waiting for some new Sign?

Do not you say, There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest? Behold I say to you lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest." John 4:35

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