May 06, 2006

Saturday morning..

This morning my alarm woke me up to go to work...and I was like,
"wha? Where am I? Why am I waking up? What DAY is it?!"

THATS how hard I was sleeping...

Which is why I went to Java Jacks for some coffee....yeah, I think its become a pretty unbreakable tradition for me to go to Java Jacks before work when I work definitely makes it bareable at a whole new level of bareable.

So, last night I came home got into bed...turned on
Pandora and just went to sleep...that was it. I should have done a quiet time...or written in my journal....written a one of the like, five, letters I need to write...but nope. Nothing. Nada.

I was sooo tired. But, can I just say that I LOVE this website?! Everyone needs to go check it out! I dont know WHO the little magic wizards they have behind my computer screen picking out songs but they are a GENIUS! ;-)

Its kinda rainy outside this morning and I was worried that the Fredoina Five Miler ( the race my sister has been planning for MONTHS now) would have been cancelled, buuuut, I nearly clipped a couple of runners on my way to I think everything turned out. Hopefully.
The weather, of course, has given me a mother of a headache. Woo. Of course. I mean, its like I'm 90 years old or something...being able to sense the weather without going outside...

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo...I forgot to tell everyone to have a happy celebration...but, luckily I DIDNT forget to celebrate myself. The Scotts and the Middlebrooks and I ( sweeeet...unmarried meeeeee!) ate Sushi in honor of the day...oooooh say that's not very Mexican of me, but you're WRONG! I have a VERY dear friend who is a Mexican Senorita and she totally digs good sushi...AND on top of THAT...I ate Mexican food the day before and..well...the effects were STILL wearing off yesterday ;-) So, yeah....

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