May 20, 2006


Since it came to my attention that all of the Seasons of various shows ( Lost, Grey's Anatomy, The O.C. etc etc) are not coming out on DVD until SEPTEMBER it leaves my summer WIDE OPEN plan wise.

( that last sentence was only so much tongue and cheek...and only so much truth...its up to you to decide how much of each...)

Annnyway, the past few days I've taken stock of my life and I've made a few lists on a few napkins and I am off on a grand adventure of doing meaningful things like:
"drink less caffine"
"do some sit ups every so often"

and other things like...

"read a book."

Oh yes, SUUUURE you could argue that I do some of these things already ( well, the reading books one...) but I like to make lists...and I feel better about doing grand and honorable things that are on lists rather than just grand and honorable things that are floating out in the void. So yeah....
this summer is going to be busy and by the end of it...I will be hotter, smarter, skinner, and the world will be a better place...there will be less books to be read ( by me)...and all in all prepared for September when I will be totall out of commission for several weeks.

Editors note: By hotter I mean " tempature" not "attractiveness"....because, after looking at pictures of me since I was 9 years of age....I've looked EXACTLY the same with varying levels of height and dress style, being the only thing to distinguish the it could be conjectured that I will probably never change for the better when it comes to attactiveness...but that is neither here nor there....the POINT is also that when I say "skinner" I mean, I will have ABS under my fat...because, like I said, I will be doing a sit up here and there...and so I have a feeling it will awaken my long dormant abdominal muscles but not enough for anyone but me to basically what I am saying, as the editor, is that you shouldnt really expect any VISIBLE changes....just in case you were wondering.

So, yes...

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