May 20, 2006

We've got time... is 25 minutes late for work at this point. And since I'm a fantastic person deep down inside ( hehe) I am going to NOT think about the extra sleep I could have gotten, but instead give you a grand rundown of my nightaway....

First, it must be mentioned that there is seriously something to be said for having been stuck in a town for COUNTLESS months, so that when you go out of town for ONE feel like you've been away for a nice sized vac-ay. woo. Seriously.

Now, let me just gush for a second: 1. I think my family is possibly the funniest family ever. We were in a very public place for about three hours on Friday afternoon talking rather loudly with my brother-in-law about this and that...and later my mother mentioned that in a room full of people, we were DEFINITELY having the most fun. Definitely. So, yes, my family is hilarious. 2. Everybody should go to an outdoor concert of the Houston Symphony at some point...or, hey, you dont have to go to the "Houston" Symphony...but make it a really good one, ok? Because its WORTH IT! And I felt like I could have been in a movie or something equally "happily ever after" enducing:
Escape to the magic and romance of an evening in old Vienna in this delightful program of music by the Waltz King, Johann Strauss Jr., led by your Symphony’s own Austrian Maestro, Hans Graf. Enjoy favorites such as Strauss’
Overture to Die Fledermaus, Emperor Waltzes, and Roses from the South.

Yeah....I stole that from the Houston Symphony website...but....they said it pretty well...3. There is NOTHING like getting to go to a 'special' lounge where they serve you Hors' Dourves and drinks...and then later, after you come back from your marvelous concert, Dessert...and then the next morning, after unearthing yourself out from under the hundreds of pillows they piled on your bed, Breakfast....and you can sit and look out over the tops of the trees, since you're on the Top Story of the Hotel...and you think, wow, I could really and truly get use to this.Luxury hotels are nice.

ANNNND...39 minutes late my doctor has arrived...I'm "back" from my vacay ( not a full vacation)...and I AM refreshed...though still very very lacking in the sleep department....ah well, you cant have everything ;-)

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