May 31, 2006

A happy birthday post

Ok, so its not going to be an "Ode"...

But, it is Sam's Birthday (well, in New Zealand it is...) and so, I felt this was the appropriate time to bring back up my own Birthday theme and continue with my "People that have influenced me greatly" posts. This one is about Sam. ( coincidence? No.)

When I met Sam I hated him. Well, hate is a strong word. But I didnt like him, and ever since I've DELIGHTED in telling him so ( keeps him humble and all that.).
We met when Lydia took me to her life group-then, "cell group"ha! ( which quickly became MY life group...) and actually that first night is a bit fuzzy in my mind, so many people, so much going on....but I DO remember Sam and his monologue of "why America is stupid"...yes, Sam is memorable in just about any social circle....and while that first meeting hit me the wrong way ( hehehe), it would quickly turned into one of my favorite things about him-go figure.

So, to make a long story short, it didnt take me long to realize that my FIRST impression of Sam was wrong....and by my second year at Uni-when he lived with two of my best friends...we were well on our way to being fast friends.

Sam and I have tons of really great inside jokes, mostly because he's got a crazy memory for such things...he cant remember huge events from the past, but he CAN remember random inside jokes. Weird. But funny.
We also shared a similar delight in movies and popular culture-most particularly Lord of the Rings...and he and I both know how to "work a room" at a party and we were co-master of ceremonies at many an event ( and I notsosecretly believe that there has not been a better team of Mcees since we left Dunedin).

But, those are just the superficial things that made Sam and I friends. But, I think its the nonsuperficial things that set him apart from the group of "they were my friends once" category. Most importantly, Sam is faithful. I've met few people that care for their friends as much as Sam. Its really a gift, and I know that there are a LOT of people that would agree with me on this one-he sticks by you through thick and thin...and thousands of miles.
Sam is a "locked box"...Carmi and I were talking about Sam not long ago, and she brought up a very good point about Sam. He can keep a secret.
If I was in the habit of revealing deep dark secrets, I would very much consider telling Sam all of them. He wouldnt tell a soul.
He wouldnt even HINT that he knew. Maybe its because he's a lawyer...and an actor...but, really I think its more than that.. more than the gift of a really good straight face....whatever the case, is a wonderful gift. He is truly a trustworthy friend.
Over the years I think I've talked through just about every single subject I can think of, with Sam, he's definitely a conversationalists and a fellow "dweller" and therefore he's probably laid awake at night thinking about JUST THAT he's great to mull ideas over this way I've learned a lot about myself from talking subjects to death with Sam-or reading his blog...
As always, these posts about people that influence me are mostly about how they've impacted MY life (this is MY blog afterall), and when looking at my friendship with Sam I think one of the MOST important things about our friendship is that...he's a guy ( ok, that sounds weird, but bare with me...)
I've hinted many a time on this blog that I have "issues" when it comes to guys...and even in the past few months I've realized more and more how those "issues" are not just simple little things...but real Problems. And, so I'm trying to deal with them one by one...However, friendships like Sam's have helped me deal with such issues slowly over the years so that they arent REALLY overwhelming me now...
God knew what He was doing when He gave me a friend like Sam who I was able to really trust and love without worrying about him hurting me in any form or fashion. Its just NOT in his nature. And even a cynical girl like myself was able to figure that out rather quickly. So, all those people that say you cant really be just friends with a guy...or at least not GOOD friends...I feel sorry for you, because, you're missing out...

Happy Birthday, Sam. I wish you ALL the very best!

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