May 30, 2006

too much, too little, just right...

So, I was sitting here pondering what to post...if anything. I wanted to share the particular revelation that I'm slowly dealing with at the moment...but I dont really know how yet...and at the same time, I definitely dont think I've fully dealt with it yet...and secretly I think I feel like someone might come up to me and be like, "waaaiiiit, you havent gotten this yet, have you?! So how can you begin to write about it?! What kind of gall is that?! "

no one would do that. But still...

Anyway, I was pondering...and I read a post a dear blog friend wrote a few days ago that just spoke PERFECTLY to my life. It discribed exactly what I am lacking, it put it in much better words than I ever could...
A lack of faith, a lack of hope...these things are SERIOUS.

But, the Lord Restores. He has shown me the wounds of my heart that I have stubbornly kept from healing...I have kept them all scabby and gross. I hid behind all kinds of smiles and prayers and words. I spoke truth...but little by little as the months went by it went from speaking from my heart to JUST my lips speaking the did this happen?!
Not sure exactly, but I desparately dont want this to happen again!

The Spirit helps in our weaknesses. Rom. 8:26

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