May 02, 2006

In the future...

Katie and I are "house hunting". You see, we are clever and have decided to take advantage of the fact that many SFA students are graduating in May and therefore HOPEFULLY there will be some places opening up to live...While our lease runs out in August looking NOW makes for LESS STRESS in the future...or so we think.

But, ACTUALLY its caused the opposite within me...all sorts of "life questions" have popped up because of this:
FIRST OF ALL...katie is planning on doing a foreign exchange programme during the Spring Semester next year...meaning she really only wants a 6 month lease. That's cool...but also hard to find. PLUS when she DOES decide to leave, what then? I really dont have any other roommate options..and really living by myself has its serious charms...
Yet...this also brings up the fact that Katie will be leaving Feb.07 and March 07 marks some serious life changes for my family so...well....I've always thought when that time came around, I'd go do something "different" somewhere else in the country/world...But, as much as I love adventure it also freaks me out to NO END.
When thinking about such "unknowns" ,its hard for me not to break out in a sweat and wish for it to either HURRY UP AND GET HERE SO I CAN DEAL WITH IT...oooor...I WANT EVERYTHING TO STAY THE SAME.

Sadly, this is not the case, and so instead I just ask for Guidance, so that while WE have no idea what the future holds, that everything will work out to accomadate the future when it happens.

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