May 03, 2006

Coming Soon: the spawn of satan

Just when things seem to be getting quiet around Apartment 420, you realize things are too quiet and that something bad is inevitible bound to happen....

yesterday the ball dropped.

Evil Neighbor's Evil Dog is Preggers.

Ooooh yesssss....there are SO MANY THINGS wrong with this I dont even KNOW where to start.

First, I think its illigal to have a dog that isnt fixed unless you have a permit as a breeder, which I DOUBT Evil Neighbor has...

Secondly, you can only have a pet at our apartment complex if you have a note from your Doctor saying you need one for health reasons...and while I could believe that Evil Neighbor needs Evil Dog for company since she rarely leaves the house...but I will NOT believe that she needs PUPPIES too!

Thirdly, the fact that E.D. is preggers makes some earlier events clearer, if not MORE insane...a few weeks ago, a mysterious pug dog showed up at Evil Neighbor's apartment for several days, I assumed that it was a friend's dog or something...but while it was there my eyes were molested several times when, coming home I found E.D and Pugs doing the nasty outside Evil Neighbor's the time I sorta felt sorry for E.D since I assumed E.D. ( because of E.D's name...and also because I didnt care) that E.D. was a boy...and that he was fixed-because only stupid irresponsible people don't fix their animals ( assuming is never a good idea when it comes to Evil Neighbor) I felt like not only were MY EYES being RAPED but so was Evil Dog.

Turns out not only was E.D. rapped but it seems that it was PURPOSEFUL on the part of E.D's master! Was Ugly Pug brought in for the purpose of making gross Pug/Dachshund puppies?! I can only believe so...

Katie and I saw Evil Dog last night and she is very very preggers. I dont know who I feel more sorry for...Evil Dog or Katie and I.

I'm going to go with Katie and I....Since I looked it up and these dogs will not only be annoying but HIDEOUS!

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