May 27, 2006

old friends, long weekends

I have three days off...God Bless Memorial Day! :-)
And because of this delightful fact, I am able to spread out my long list of "must dos" at least until tomorrow....or later....

Instead, I have settled down on my bed with an Old old friend Rilla of Ingleside By: L.M.Montgomery ( of Anne of Green Gables fame)...I've had to stop reading because I'd been grinning for a solid 10 minutes just by reading the first few pages...

I have a high school graduation to go to this afternoon...and a "drive-in" movie this evening**....THIS is what Summer's all about!

** If you're in Nacogdoches at 8:30pm,you can come watch the movie Finding Neverland for free at Festival Plaza downtown...bring your lawnchairs and your blankets( and tissues, it'll make you cry)!

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