May 30, 2006

"what I did on my vacation" essay

I actually never remember writing one of those essays in school. Sad really, because it would have been totally cool to write about my trips to the City Pool...or my book list, where I got stickers for reading a book ( and we WONDER why I was an English Major! I always secretly hoped my professors would give me a sticker!)...yeah cool.

Seriously, those days of Koolaid stained mustaches and the like are behind me, but that didnt keep me from having a Memorial Day Vacation. Woo.
The Run Down...

I woke up relatively early ( strange how sleeping in doesnt come as easily to me anymore!) to a full on email from a friend...which warrented a full on response from me...which opened up a Spiritual Can of Worms...only they were GOOD yeah, it was really hardout for so early in the morning, but good nonetheless.

I then forced myself to clean, taking very long breaks to read Rilla of Ingleside.

I was in the very midst of my book before I realized how very appropriate it was for me to be reading such a book on Memorial Day. If you havent read it, I'll give you a basic rundown. The story follows a young girl for the four years of the war impacts herself, her family and friends, on P.E.I. Canada....really very well done for a childrens book! I totally cried..and was really struck again by the horrors of war, and yet, also the basic NEED for war. Strange. And really, that sentence really doesnt get all my feelings across. But, I cried. And I prayed for all those fighting today. And yes, we are in a war here..people are dying. Families are being changed forever.

Anyway, I'm going to be a coward and shy away from that subject...let's just say, I really enjoyed reading an Old Friend again, seeing how reading it with new eyes changed it just a bit from previous readings...

Yesterday, I also went and saw X-Men:The Last Stand, realized I hadn't been to a movie since...oooh....months...which is kind of strange for me. But, anyway, I really enjoyed it to its fullest...even though I had to chase down my sister , who had gone into the wrong theatre. ;-) hahaha! She's a silly goose sometimes. I'm glad I read Sam's blog so that I knew to stay until after the credits...OOOOoooOOOooo...that really added to the movie! Of course, I was thorougly confused since the key part of the movie that explained that scene was the part that I missed running through the theatres and halls trying to find my sister who had ended up in the 2:30 showing of X-men and NOT the 3:25 showing ( I think she was relieve that she was in the wrong place, because she had "no idea" what was going on in HER movie! hehehe) silly girl-cough*blonde-*cough*...So, luckily, my parents had gone to see the movie yesterday, as well, and were able to fill me in!

In other news, went for a run yesterday. Nearly died.
Ate fish at Red Lobster...only fish ( and cheesy biscuits...YUM!) because their idea of "mixed veggies" is Celery and carrots. Ummm....there are MILLIONS of veggie options in the world and they only have the TWO that I hate?! That's just WRONG.

I'm having serious allergy issues and had to take TWO Benedryl last night to sleep...I dont think I've EVER had allergies like this there some NEW plant I should know about?!

Now, I am back to work, drinking my coffee ( oh sweet caffinated nector! I love thee!) and eatting my PBJ for is decidely back to normal...or IIIIISSSSSS IIIIIIITTTTTT?

( what a wonderful ending to my Vacation Essay! If I was grading this I'd definitely give me a sticker!)

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