May 12, 2006

the plan.

So, turns out the TWO benedryl did NOT in fact take way the grossness that had lodged itself between my throat and my nose ( veeery annoy by the way). When I woke up this morning, a turn of events not so pleasant had taken the "lodgings" place, as we speak the grossness is slowly DRIPPING down into my throat.

I mean, SUUUURE...that's gross and I shouldnt have shared. But, whatever. I dont care.
What I DO care about is the fact that now I'm ultra sleepy, kinda achy and I'm pretty positive that a NAP would help this whole situation get better.
SO, as soon as my time here is up:

I'm going to leave work, take off these scrubs, put on a T-shirt, take a benedryl, two advil, fill up my water bottle and get back into bed.

I'll talk to you when I wake up.

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