May 11, 2006

Poll Results: Equality for all...

wooo, Sorry, I just got around to the poll results. But here I am, my coffee WORKED this morning which is good, since I've been sleeping SO POORLY lately. Meh.

Anyway, here we go, poll results with commentary:

"Politically speaking, I tend to lean towards..."
OK, so I've already apologized for this poll once, but I'll go ahead and do it again...I realize that its HARD to put ones self in a box such as "I'm a libral, I'm a convervative..."
But for the sake of polling I asked you to do it anyway...hahaha. All the things I learned in Sociology Theory are telling me that we cant take the results of this poll for ANYTHING, that they basically mean nothing since I made you pick extremes...but we're gonna do it anyway, because that class was totally boring.

43% of you picked the Political Left
57 % of you picked the Political Right

First, I am really glad that it was almost equal. Once again, it makes me feel good that I have some sort of middle ground happening on this blog...and that I havent, at this point, alienated least politically speaking ( we'll keep going on these kind of poll questions for a while...). And, I'm also not really suprised that the Right was ahead of the Left...mostly because I live in the Southern United States where Republicans rule ( and, consequently, that's where most of my readers are from). Sooo, I guess it was only to be expected.

Second, I answered this poll myself...but I'm NOT going to tell you what I picked. Mostly because I'd rather tell you in person if at all...I dont like to talk politics unless I'm agreeing with you...because I dont like conflict. But, also, if you look political views probably sneak out every now and then.

Interesting thing though, did you know that I did a complete 180 on my political views in less than a year?! All because of personal experience! Its amazing how you can change so drastically! It just proves its all kinda stupid and meaningless, and its all about a less of two evils...and ultimately it makes me happy that This Kingdom is only Temporary.

New Poll coming up! woo

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