May 04, 2006

So, confession...

Last night, I was in this totally weird mood and I wrote this little story...and I posted the first part of the story...which i liked...and then I realized I DIDNT like the rest of the story, and so i deleted the first part off of my blog. But, thinking about it today....I kinda liked the first part-and since I'm always one for starting stories and not finishing them ( adult ADD) maybe I'll put it back up...

In other news, my tummy is REEEEEALLLY angry at me at the moment. I totally spent the whole day eating foods that my stomache has issues bacon egg and cheese biscuit, mexican food ( in any form), chocolate cake, and an insanely good cheesy casserole that was like enchiladas in the macho yeah, me and the fetal position- RIGHT NOW. uggg.

Had a good day off, almost makes the idea of working for the next five days look totally liveable.

Once upon a time there was a noble land, ruled by an equally noble King.
It was said that the reason for all the nobility was, once a year the King would pick one of his subjects and after observing their lifestyle ( how he did this was anyones-and everyones-guess...) He would give them a special task fitting to that specific person...It seemed that, magically, the carrying out of the task would not only transform the lucky chosen subject into a far happier and more productive subject, but also everyone else in the land seemed to feel the benefits. It was a great mystery to how the King was able bring such goodness upon the land through one menial act, but the subjects of the land found no small amount of delight discussing the matter.

The discussing always reached its frenzied pinnacle in May, when, every year the King picked the lucky subject who was then called forth to his mighty hall where he would give them their task on a hot pink post-it note ( some said this was kind of girly of the king, but the king felt that a hot pink post-it was easier to keep track of than the other colored variety, and ultimately no one argued with the king).
This particular May was no different and the frenzy seemed just as frazzled, if not more so than in past years. But, finally the day came, and the announcement was made by heralds running through the land....and everyone took a collective sigh as the anticipation came to an end.

Frank Bigwig was shocked when he heard his name being yelled through the streets. He had always felt, secretly of course, that the King most probably chose people that "needed helping" and he definitely didn’t need helping! No, Frank, would definitely be considered a Noble man among noble men...He had riches beyond comprehension, his wife was possible the most beautiful wife for miles around, and more importantly she hardly said anything...ever. Yes, Frank was truly blessed, his children ( he had five...and another on the way!) were abnormally smart, and were just about ALWAYS picked first for kickball teams and on top of that they were, without a doubt, the most handsome and beautiful, well accomplished children in the land. Best of all, besides Christmas and other national holidays Frank didn’t really have to have much to do with them at all, for his mostly-silent wife was very good at keeping them from being underfoot! Yes, Frank was definitely not in any need of Help! Surely the king had made some sort of mistake! But, then again, it was quite an HONOR to be chosen by the king! And everyone ALWAYS came out of their homes and cheered when the selected subject made passage through the streets on their way up to the King’s palace, and well, Frank really felt like he was probably past his due when it came to getting some serious acclaim from his fellow man. So, bright and early the next morning Frank headed off to the King’s Palace with the glow of whispering townsfolk enveloping his already healthy ego. It was truly a good day for Frank…

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