May 08, 2006

Standing on mountains or something...

Edit: If you havent taken the poll you best...I'll be taking it down soon just because I'm bored and want something to do.

I have this very annoying Josh Groban song in my head...something about raising up and standing on mountains is running over and over in my head....

This is one of the things I hate about being "on hold" so very often...bad hold music.

So, anyway, what were we talking about? Nothing yet? Well, I'll fix that...
I had super big plans for today, plans I made last night at, like, 2 in the morning...I hate it when I can't sleep. There was really no reason for the sleeplessness except for maybe a teeny tiny bite of chocolate at, like, 9 oclock
-does that have THAT much caffine in it?! geeez! My body is getting more and more sensitive!
So, my plans for today consisted of me going to work for 6 or so hours and then leaving .... taking a nap....going Hallmark card shopping....going present house, taking out the know....really good stuff. Especially that nap.

But, sadly, no a call from my esteemed co-worker who has a stomache bug. Eww. Yes, I want her to stay home so I dont get it. Stomache bugs are of the devil. Even so, I am kinda sad I am going to miss out on my nap. BOO!

Thank goodness I brought a book to work today, didnt think I'd need it...but now I definitely do, my link to civilized society. What I AM a bit bummed about is my sad lack of lunch...i only packed some random crackers and cheese and some sad looking grapes...that is NOT going to get me through 10 hours of work. Blast

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