May 08, 2006

Update on my day ( because you were dying to know)

So, turns out I had PLENTY to eat ( or I just wasnt hungry)...One Doctor offered me a piece of chicken from the Doctor's Lounge...nothing like a free piece of chicken...

the Other Doctor went and got himself and me a coffee from Hastings. I was very much appreciative since I'd just gotten off the phone with my sister telling her, "nope, dont bring me anything to eat."
which I immediately regretted when I got off the phone and craved chocolate.

Have you ever noticed how a chocolate craving can sneak up on you?

But, as much as I appreciated it...its OFFICAL. I am a COFFEE SNOB. I mean, I'll drink this stuff...but...ewww....its not very good. makes me want Java Jacks even more...maybe I'll go there tonight...mmmm.

So, where was I? Right, the bad coffee...which it turned out ok, because I really only have five more minutes till my cut off point of drinking cafine ( its 4pm)...and reeeeally, considering I reacted to one chocolate CHIP last should probably be TWO yeah, me not finishing this sad-excuse-for-coffee isnt so sad.

The one thing I was majorly bummed about not getting to go home from work early, was that I really want to sit down and THINK ( read: pray) about Girl's Bible Study before tonight....Seems we need some Re-vamping for the month of May...probably going into the Summer....the girls are busy ( especially the ones about to graduate from HighSchool...) and so GB isnt high on agenda. That's all well and good..and I've been expecting it. Yet, I feel like just "not having it" when half the girls can, well, not working out I need to pray about it and come up with an alternative. I feel like this time should not be lost just because everyones busy....but so far I'm at a blank...I've got some HINTS but nothing substantial...hopefully the hour or so I have between work and GB will be full of revelation ;-)

In other news, I've been reading some really well done blogs today, makes me feel inferior. :-( meh

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