May 03, 2006

Taking hydration to a new level

So, my greatest goal for this summer is "drink lots of water."
I like to set my goals LOW so that I can be sure to accomplish them ;-)
But, seriously though, its really tiring to constantly drink...and in my case constantly run to the bathroom....
Luckily the bathroom is, like, three steps away from my office...but there are times when the phone wont stop ringing and my doctors wont stop asking me to do menial tasks...and I just want to yell, " I have to PEEEEEEEEE."


Is this too much information?

hahaha.. annnnyway, I realized my excessive drinking ( if I was a celebrity, the media would take that out of context and there would be a headline reading "Abigail admits Alcoholism!" and while I would agree that it was a beautiful headline of alliteration, it would be wrong....and I would have to sue...and it would get ugly. )

where were we? excessive drinking. I realized it had gotten out of control when I looked up and every avalible spot on my desk held a drink...three bottles of water, one coffee mug ( empty), a green tea, a coke....its outta control.
In a good way.


Can anyone tell that I'm bored? Work has crawled by at an impressively slow speed today...and I left my cell phone at home which means I can't call people and annoy them with factoids I find on the internet. Boo.

If I can think of something else of slightly less than boring to write about, you can rest assured that I WILL post again today...
Someone email me or something! Come on people!

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