May 14, 2006

that should Thai me over!

I just had a goooood nap....wooo.
All this lack of sleep has been really wearing on my nerves! but hopefully, I've put myself on the PLUS side of sleep to start out the week! :-)

Today is Mother's Day. I made Thai food for my her house....because she has a better kitchen....but the food was ever so yummy ( if I DO say so myself) . In other Mother's Day news, my sister and I got tickets to the Houston Symphony at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion for my family to celebrate mothersday....I'm really excited about this concert...its on Thursday evening which means we're all taking Friday off from work...I can NOT wait to get out of town.

I just read my last paragraph. My writing skillz are suffering. I really shouldnt try to write the MOMENT I wake up....

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