June 13, 2006

allusions of the past

So, I left work at 1 yesterday...It was SO INSANELY HOT all day that while I tried to run some errands I ended up just going home and sitting in the dark reading for a good portion of the day...and to think I was honestly thinking this summer might not be half bad (heat wise). HA!
I was half wrong.

So anywhoooo...I went to the library got some classic childrens books ( I'm kinda going through a phase of re-reading books I read when I was 10-13 years of age...) and spent most of the day with them..
You know what I find FASCINATING?! Is how these books have subconsciously influenced me...honestly, I'll be reading along and I think...whoooooaaa, so THAT'S where that particular "dream", "ideal", "value" came from...or at least, that's how it was re-inforced.

(Oh, and just so you know, yesterday was spent reading the later years of the "Betsy, Tacy" Series by Maud Lovelace.)

In a lot of ways, however, I wonder about all the OTHER girls that also read Little Women and Anne of Green Gables and the Betsy Tacy Books who ended up NOT wanting to be a writer when they grew up!!
I mean, I totally related to Jo, Anne and Betsy ...and I just wonder about the other girls that somehow were more orginal than I and actually came up with an alternate passion than writing. Hahaha!
Of course, I gotta admit to you, the other major draw of these stories ( as a little girl, and even just a TAD today) was the romantic plot line...and I was never a fan of Professor Baur (booooring)...or, for that matter, Gilbert ( once he got over the scarlett fever and we knew that he'd end up with Anne, well, he was rather flat.) and so maybe I didnt buy into EVERYTHING the books sold
...but JOE (Betsy's significant other)...well, he was a newspaper writer and for that he'll always be my favorite... he and Betsy quoting Shakespeare as they walk home from school and talking in literary allusions from Don Quixote...come ON! Who wouldnt like THAT?!

hehehe...I felt like SUCH a 14 year old girl! Getting all swoooooony. HAHA!

And speaking of THAT...I fell UP my stairs yesterday afternoon, with my hands full, no less...( it was really graceful you should have been there) and so I now have a totally cutesy bandaid on my right knee, courtesy of Katie...which also took me back to when I was 12 and totally wore bandaids ( or plasters if you live in an alternate country) as a FASHION statement.

I was soooo cool then.

Well, that's all from me...let's see if you guys can comment on a REAL post now?

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