June 12, 2006

weekend jazz..

hey kiddies...

Its been a while, or at least that's how I feel...in reality even if I took a four day break I'd still be posting more than most of you...

Main reason for the weekend emptiness?
My computer died. meeeeeh...my poor baby! Ironic since Old Baby only started getting sad after FIVE YEARS...and NEW Baby dies after a month?!
noooo gooooood.

So, it'll probably be a few days till I have a home computer again. Sadness.
I was also away from Friday night to Saturday late...which was really great for me.

I cant tell you the difference it makes just to LEAVE town-even for a day. I didnt even THINK about ANYTHING for a WHOLE DAY.

And for someone who thinks a heck of a lot. That was super.

I had good fun with Chara and Christa...did a bit of shopping, I bought a new journal. I realized it was the first time in 5 years that I've bought a journal for myself. It was kind of sad, since I've always loved using a journal from a specific person- it means for a good five or six months of think about that person everyday...ahhh...well, times change.

Another, suprise joy of my weekend was the DRIVING. I havent driven long distances ( more than ten minutes at a time) in a while. I gotta say, the drive to Centerville was really very pretty and I sang praise music at the top of my lungs and it was a positive JOY.

Other events of the weekend...Graduation "reception" for Amy...movie at the Hibbards...Church was especially good on Sunday...watched Fargo on Sunday afternoon because Evil Dog was barking so loudly and I didnt have my computer to play music to drown out the sound...blasted dog...no nap. Boo.

That brings you up to speed on my weekend. Now for this week.

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