June 17, 2006

Forthcoming facts.

My job position: Nacogdoches Alumni Association Coordinator.

Writing weekly articles for the newspaper promoting the school and its alumni
Putting together/designing/writing quarterly newsletter
Getting website updated/designed/more usable and excessible ( my biggest priority..they are WAY behind the times!)
Put together fundraising events..
Recruiting and maintaining Alumni member ship ( a lifetime membership is 100 dollars for all of you who ever attended NHS-you didnt even have to graduate from there...you just had to go..hehehe!)
Decorate the rather large office so that people will want to drop by and enjoy our resources.
Maintain the NHS scrapbooks..
Basic office stuff...

Ok, that's all I think of at the moment...

Things I'm rather excited about:
Well, basically ALL of the above tasks are things I actually enjoy doing on some level or another-its fantastic I'm going to get PAID to do it!! Woooo!

Also, I get to wear cute clothes to work...no more scrubs! ( if anyone needs a girls size Small scrubs you are welcome to all of mine- I never plan to use them again)

This job is on the "school calendar" which means that I will possibly get a HOLIDAY! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! now that's exciting!

I THINK I'll be making more money ;-) But, honestly I dont even care...

The hours are flexible. Which I gave a huge (secret) sigh of relief about, I dont know if I'll ever feel particular excited about being "tied down" to a nine-to-five-er.

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