June 17, 2006


I didnt realize I was a "gusher" until my friends started to have ADORABLE babies...and then I realized, yes, I DO gush...and I am PROUD of it. ( If you could see Noah Scott, you'd gush over him too!)
So, in saying that, I am about to gush about yesterday...not because it was "adorable" but because it was seriously SUCH a good day.

I've decided yesterday was so great, because I didnt actually GET my new job until 7:30 or so in the evening the day before...and even after getting it...I STILL had that annoying Kidney Stone to deal with ( which will put a damper on ANY Abigail-internal-party, just so you know)....but the next morning...I woke up smiling...and I had no pain...and thus began a day of internal-partying.

The party ONLY got better when I got on the scale and I had lost .5Lbs....oh....go ahead...laugh....but you dont realize the significance of said half a pound. Said half a pound meant that I could buy Firefly on DVD.
And it shows how much I care about loosing weight...because I obviously was WAY more excited about the prospect of buying this Series than in fitting into clothes better ( obviously the half pound was just part of a group larger than just ONE pound)! hahahaha! *ahem*

So, then I got to work...and I was a TAD nervous about telling my doctors I was leaving...afterall, I figured it would come of a suprise, even if they DID encourage me to "find greener pastures"...but of course, they were fantastic and congratulated me and, in fact, I felt really good because they told me they hoped they got a replacement in time for me to help train them...because they felt like I would offer another good perspective that Dee wouldnt! ( that means they must really like me!)
All in all I was feeling rather fantastic, especially since it now doesnt matter if Doctors are rude, or if Techs dont do their job, or if I have to stay late because NOW there is written on the calendar above my desk this on June 30th:
"Abbey's Last Day!!"


So, after work, the party continued ...as I continued in my quest to read books that have "affected me greatly"...yesterday, it was the Little House on the Prairie series...it was soooo delightful that every now and then I'd have to put the book down and sigh to myself and smile.

After reading for a rather long time I decided to go exercise early and I got the mail on the way....I got SUCH good mail yesterday! I got a PACKAGE from Sam ( wooo! I havent watched your movie yet, because my computer is away on vacation, but I'm excited nonetheless...besides the card made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!) and I got a rather long letter from Brett ( who is now in his final stage at Ranger School..in case you're wondering..) and I got my Premiere Magazine ( which will keep me entertained at work this morning!). Yay! More celebration for me!

Later on I went out to eat with lovely lovely people who were all really excited for me ( nothing like SHARING ones excitement! ) and who entertained me ALL through dinner...afer which I rushed to pick my sister up for a movie. We went and saw The Lake House, which we thought was a GREAT romantic movie...and we both gasped at the same time ( loudly) and no one else in the theatre did...which was rather embarrassing yet very very funny. And of course-we disected the movie all the way home ( which, is my personal favorite part of ALL movie going experiences)...I'm pretty sure no one laughs as hard as Anna and I do.

Thus ended my totally superb day.

This morning I woke up early because of a funkified dream and went and had my coffee at Java Jacks early so I could read the Financial Times and still have time to get to work early so I could write my Gusher here for you...

I just want to let everyone know that you can be ASSURED of details concerning my job...but since its all rather a "fluid" concept at this point...I'm going to wait until I KNOW this for certain about details before I go getting your hopes up ( or, rather, MY hopes up..) but I PROMISE there will be plenty more details and corresponding gushing to come in the future!

Today, I am offering my services to my dearest family, Thomas and Katie, who are moving into THE most adorable house ever! ( I cant BELIEVE, I am old enough to have FRIENDS that not only get married, have children, but also BUY HOUSES!) I'm so excited for them....I've never seen a house that was SO perfect for two people...

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