June 06, 2006

I refused...

"I refuse to get out of bed until the funk is gone." ~ Abigail, at 7am this morning.

And that's why I am still here in the horizonal position several hours later. I dont know WHAT is going on in the air....but Evil Dog has been driving me CRAZY the last few days. The barking seems to have gotten far far worse.....this morning it started at 7. which, granted, is a little better than 6...but when you were up rather late the night before and you set your alarm for the conservative hour of 8:50 ( yes, I like odd numbers, what of it?) I was NOT PLEASED.
That, added to the revelation that the funk from last night had held on through sleep and was still with me when the dog pryed my eyes open...well, no good.

So, I made the rash ( not really) decision to go to work later...and I've been lying here ever since. A good little prayer/journal time was helpful...a reading over my journal of past months was helpful too...and now I'm feeling much much much better

But, since I dont really wanna "talk about it", we'll talk about something ELSE that just came to mind. : I have 77 blogs on my bloglines list...seventy-seven! Crazy huh?! Of course, lots of those arent updated very often...but, with that many you just HAVE to put them into categories...which is how I ended up with three very nice little folders:

"The friends"-53 blogs...I wouldnt necessarily consider all of these people "friends"...but I actually KNOW these people...I've either met them, or I've come to have real conversations with them...you know...I definitely know that they are who they say they are ( something that's kinda difficult in the age of the internet).

"The gossip"-4 blogs....basically pop culture blogs, and overheardinnewyork and overheardintheoffice....keeps me up to date on what's "going on in the world" when I'm stuck in my dark room at work ;-)

"The unknowns"-18 blogs...this is where it gets interesting! I dont even KNOW how I came across some of these blogs, but they've been endless entertainment at work, and they've provided many an interesting conversation and story...I really have become a fan of blogs in all their different forms and these 18 blogs are varying in talent and topic...yet, they are all addicting as chocolate on a very bad day...I hope they dont run out! Some of them are anonoymous blogs...some arent....some "say" they arent anonoymous but I suspect that they are made up personas...whatever the case, it doesnt matter to me-there is a person sitting at a computer thinking these words up somewhere ,and I'm totally willing to read...at least for a while.

So, in saying that, for the first time EVER I'm going to actually QUOTE one of my "unknown" blogs...I do it with some trepidation because while some people are perfectly FINE admitting that they are "lurkers"...I like to remain silent. I like to just read and then go away. I dont even read these blogs comments...i dont care what other people I dont know have to say in the form of comments! hehehe. But, today, I'm breaking my rule because I LOVED this line so much! And I've caught myself thinking it sometimes, at first I was just going to quote it without giving credit..but then, I thought that wouldnt be nice, would it, to not give credit where credits due?....

...Those friendships are the ones that feed our imaginations; the girlfriend equivalent of wedding fantasies, where the groom takes a backseat to a group of phenomenal bridesmaids. from Almost Literary.

I actually laughed when I read this sentence! I've never been one of those girls to plan her wedding-oh SURE, I will totally engage in such wedding planning conversations when they come up, but I never sit by myself and think about it...it seems pointless...afterall, I plan to give my own HHB ( hot holy boy) some sort of say when it comes to marrying me....and how said marrying will be pulled off. BUT, there is ONE thing that I DO sometimes catch myself thinking about...and that is, how I wish I could have ALL my dearest girls at my wedding....and do you realize I have a LOT of dearest girls?!
If I had a perfect world ( which means MY way)...and this is just at the MOMENT! Just think how more might be added by the time I actually GET married ( 10 years from now seems longish doesnt it? hahah)
But, if I was to do a head count of the whos who, today...I'd have EIGHT attendants! I've always scofted at weddings with HUGE wedding parties...but seriously! I have that many people I'd really really want in my wedding...I guess its good that I probably wont get my way, since most of these girls live overseas... since I'd have to marry someone who either had lots and lots of brothers and friends....orrrrr, ( and much more practical) it all stays happily in my fantasy world...where I plan weddings for only one purpose: to have a really great party where I have ALL my dear ones around me in one very happy place!

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