June 27, 2006


So, what happens when I have a huge plate full of things to be done?

I get sick! AAAHHHH yesssss!

Actually, I'm not THAT sick, just a bit run down really. Went to bed at 9 last night, and then slept for three more hours this afternoon...and i honestly would have STAYED there if I could have...but I had to get up.
I must go exercise ( stickers and all)...and then I have my first board meeting for the Alumni Association this evening ( which I didnt find out about until today...)

I am also a bit down, to be honest. I have pretty much decided to give my apartment up next year since I couldnt find a roommate...and things were looking SO promising there for a little while!
I suppose the next step is to find a one bedroom apartment/efficency or something along those lines.
But, I'm left wondering WHAT God has planned here?

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