June 28, 2006

Quick! Post!

So, I recognize positiveness when I feel it these days...and since this week has been rather difficult, I thought I'd grasp the chance and post while I'm feeling all positive-like.

The reason for the positive feelings? Mostly because I've had more sleep...you remember me mentioning ( probably in passing) that I wasnt sleeping much these days? Well, it finally caught up with me on Monday...felt down right puny-and I've done my darndest to fill the void since...so, I THINK my sleep meter is starting to be more in the black.

I also have another positive lead on the living situation. Prayer is still at the maximum. I'm trying not to stress toooo much about it all, and no matter how wonderful my parents are in helping me be "under less pressure"...I cant help but feel it. But, I KNOOOOW it'll work out-and though I actually prayed that "the world would end" yesterday so that I wouldnt have to make these hard decisions based on nothing...God didnt answer that particular prayer...which is probably for the best any how ;-)

Work is really full on at the moment. Training Angela ( my replacement! yay!) has been fun and she's catching on quickly-but, it means that I'm constantly thinking of things i need to tell her-which means less down time! hahahah! Since training will continue for several more weeks after I actually leave, Dee has decided to take two vacation days ( tomorrow and friday) so that she can rest up before she is on ten hours a day, seven days a week. *whew* talk about overtime!
But, this means that *I* am getting overtime this week...which is nice for ME...since *I* will NOT WORKING starting MONDAY.

Who's excited?!

So, that's life at the moment...in other news my Alumni Meeting went well yesterday, I'm really glad I dragged myself out of bed to go-because ultimately I was able to sit back and observe without any pressure ( besides being introduced to the board and making an impromptu speech about myself)...when the NEXT meeting I'll be expected to give the monthly report and be "center of attention"...so, NOW I have made little judgments on how to "win the crowd" in the future....so, THAT'S helpful.

Honestly the stress of "no where to live" and finishing up my old job on a high note has worn on my mind SO much, as of late, that I've thought very little about my new job...but the meeting put me back in "excited/scared" mode...which is good...because sometimes I forget JUST what a blessing all the craziness of the last two weeks has been.

So, that's pretty much my life as of today....
I'm looking forward to next week...when at least ONE of my stress-factors will be gone!
Please, if you think about it, continue to pray for me in regards to where I will be living and HOW I will be living-I kind of need to make my decision on the "should I stay or should i go?" part of that decision by Monday ( we have to say we are staying or leaving 30 days before our out date).

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