June 15, 2006

pitiful me.

Earlier this week I sent out an email to some special friends...I asked them to pray for a specific day, but basically even as I was writing the email I was thinking, "But, I feel so good about it! Why should I bother them?"
But, I bothered them nonetheless...and can I just say.....I shudder to wonder what today would hold if I DIDNT have prayers on all sides?

Last night...
I got a kidney stone....( actually, I still have it now, its not FULL ON HORRIBLE but its pretty painful, and its pretty uncomfortable and hard to think straight)
I went home and took drugs and went into a troubled sleep....
12:30 in the morning I am awakened by none other than evil dog. Evil dog is not just barking...evil dog is CRYYING. For thirty minutes evil dog crys...she's standing on the sidewalk right under my window...she's not even tied up, its like she was just tossed outside....
What do you do in a situation like that?
Well, I dont know...but *I* cried.
I was in pain.
I was drugged.
Evil Dog was crying LOUDLY.

Finally, I'd had enough.

I climbed out of my bed...all drugged and woosy and I went and banged on Evil Neighbors door.
I kid you not.
Now, looking back I blame it squarly on the drugs.
But, unfortunately there is no story to tell...Evil Neighbor wasnt even HOME.

I assessed the situation while Evil Dog growled at my feet ( STUPID EVIL DOG I COULD HAVE KICKED YOU!!!!)
and then I got in my car and drove to my parents and crawled into their guest bed at 1am.

And that is how I got to be here...in my polka dotted PJ paints and my messy hair...thinking about all the things I WAS going to do today to prepare for my all important meeting at 5:30 this evening...but realizing all I REALLY hope at this point is that the PAIN doesnt get worse.

Honestly, readers, I'm FED UP. I cried a lot last night, not because of the pain...but the sheer un-fairness of it...I seem to have kidney stones WAY too much! I drink SOOOO much water, at LEAST 3 liters a day, and from all tests that doctors have done on me, everything else about me is normal.
I'm just TIRED. I'm TIRED of them just POPPING up at veeeeery bad times.

I honestly feel like things are going to go ok this evening still...but I still worry, I worry about what COULD happen between now and then.
And....I'm just tired. And this stupid things hurts.

After reading this post, Katie called me to give me the "rest of the story"...Apparently she was awake too during the whole dog dissaster ( of course! who could sleep through THAT!) and heard me leave the apartment...she then had a moment of panic when the barking stopped for a few moments. Her thoughts:
"Oh no! Abigail's drugged up and has KILLED the dog!"

Unfortunately, this was not the case and the barking continued until 1:30...when finally in sheer desparation Katie called the police. Turns out Evil Neighbor wasnt home AT ALL...and the Police ended up giving Evil Dog to the downstairs neighbors, to take in until she returned, they then left a note for Evil Neighbor ( I hope it was harsh!) ...this morning Katie went to work to see that Evil Dog was back home ( and outside of course) happily feeding the Spawns of Satan ( bless her heart, no wonder the dog was so upset, being kept from her puppies like that!) and the note was still attached to Evil Neighbors door...even though she was obviously home.

Thus endeth yet another saga relating to Evil Dog and Evil Neighbor

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