June 14, 2006

l love you

I've never been in love, so you must realize this is just a HYPOTHESIS...But I'm pretty sure I will be far more loving and a better person ALL AROUND if you buy me coffees...and I say this as though its really something special because my love languages ( as in the ones that I really react well to...) do not include "acts of kindness" or "gifts".

Seriously, I've said this many times I know...but you could WRITE me a letter or TELL me I'm super cool or hang out with me for an hour... and I will be as happy as if you went out and bought me lunch and dropped it off at my door...actually I'd be MORE happy. Not, that I dont like lunch...that's just the way I am.
BUT, I've decided coffee doesnt count.
Coffee is equal to any words of love or any time spent. Whhhhhy? you might ask? Well, because (and I dont know this for sure, but I'll just make it up) I think coffee releases some sort of "happy cemical" in my brain.

My Mommy just brought my Clartin and she brought me a Latte too! Oooooh, sweetness.

Today's going to be a goooood day. My grandfather sold his house. Fantastic.

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