June 14, 2006

procrastination via the internet

So, as you may well remember my computer died on Saturday and thus when I am at home I am not on the internet AT ALL.
Now, for those of you who know about "the sticker challenge" know that I am trying very very hard to stay off the internet ( 15 minutes max)-but, even when I do that, I find that I can still spend a goodly amount of time doing other stuff on my computer...games....photos...time disappears.
Just to give you an idea of HOW much time disappears I've read THREE books ( I'm now on my fourth) since Saturday night...ummm....whoa.


The saddest thing is that I KNOW when I get my computer back, I'll go RIGHT back to my old ways. *sigh*

So, to poor Aaron who, from what I hear ( via his ever talkative sister...hehehe) has a TON of stuff on his plate at the moment...I feel his pain. Reading other peoples blogs is faaaaar superior than doing ANYTHING even REMOTELY constructive. Yet, while I feel strongly that, myself...and all the others that fall into the procrastinating via the internet category, could use some help...I dont plan on making it easier by stopping the blogging action.

Thus, "thoughts of Abigail in the last 24 hours":

I slept horribly last night...I had all sorts of silly things on my mind...I laid there, and laid there...and finally I gave in and prayed for all the people who'd been on my mind throughout the day.... and boooooom I was out like a light. HA! Take that you stupid devil!

I'm TOTALLY allergic to something at work today...I mean SERIOUSLY allergic. I actually called my Mommy to see if she'd bring me a claritin ( allergy meds)-because looking at a ten hour day of water/itchy eyes....grossness in my throat....sneezing like CRAZY...well, I just COULDNT face it!!! On that note, I loooove it when my mom is out of school in the summer...I know it makes Papa happier...and she seems to be so relaxed, and she reads tons of books that she then tells you about-it kind of rubs off on you when you're around her. Of course, she's like that even when she's working too...

When I left home this morning Evil Dog had a Spawn of Satan HANGING off of her...I mean, I'm sorry, but it was FAR to early to see THAT kinda business.


I am getting "this close" to buying Firefly on DVD...I mean, its in my shopping cart at Amazon.com and everything....seriously, I want it BADLY.


In other news, I havent come up with a new poll question...sorta running low on ideas here...anyone have any suggestions?!

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