June 09, 2006


Was this week long or was it just me?! Seriously, insanely long...I dont even know why....oh wait.


And that is exactly how the week has been, I'll go about doing normal stuff and I'll forget for a second that I'm waiting..and then...I'll remember...and I'll check my email and I'll once again find it empty.
Why dont people return emails anymore?! Do you not like me?!!
If I was the kind of girl that actually thought dating was cool...I imagine this is what it would be like...ewww! hahaha! no wonder I dont like it! hahahah!
Why would you put yourself through this kind of pain and suffering for some GUY?!

So, just incase you arent into subtleties let me just make it clear that I'm NOT talking about dating...no, instead I'm going through this pain and suffering for something a little less personable....and I'd assume that the rewards are less too...but then, I wouldnt really know....

Annnnyway, enough about that.

At the last minute I decided to go out of town tonight...a much needed girly-weekend with the Dudley Sisters seems like just what this week ordered.
I mean, seriously!!! Hit reply! How hard can that BEEEEEEEE?!

That's it! I'm going to call you instead...I've waited all week and now I'm going to be clingy and needed! that's right...Welcome to Abigail Hard Ball.

Just kidding.

I didnt stop talking about it did I? You thought I'd move on from my Mysterious complaining but you were rather wrong....tricked ya.

Now you know how my week has really been...a perfect example of my mind.....

Honestly, though my Bible readings last night were really encouraging and I actually felt GOOD about making this call this morning...I think I can do this...I really really think I can.......meeeeeeeh.

edit: Darn. I hate secretaries....I always end up only getting to them...does no one take calls anymore? I want to cry....

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