July 08, 2006

boj doog!

So, I talked to a totally lovely Apple support guy on the phone today and this is what he said:

Apple genius: " Do you have access to the internet right now?"

Me: Yes.

Apple Genius: "Ok, go to google and type in itunes backwards..."

Me: "uuhh-ok!"

Apple Genius: "download what comes up and have fun!"


So, basically the Apple Genius guy told me how to download a programme that over rides that nasty little "you cant upload your ipod" business...my faith in Apple...nah, in all of humanity has been restored and everyone burst forth in song, or should I say, my computer burst forth into song because it finally has music again! WOOOOOO!

All is right in the world.

Oh, and Pirates of the Caribbean is fantastic. Go. See. It.

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