July 07, 2006


I still havent fully excepted the fact that I've lost 1500 songs ( give or take)....
But, now that I have Baby back its starting to sink in.
Surely there is something that can be done....I mean, they have records of all those songs that I bought from itunes-cant they give them to me again?
Or what about my ipod? Cant I get the songs off of THAT?!

first glance the answer to both of those questions is No.
But, stay tuned...I will not give up without a fight.

In other news....Pirates of the Caribbean was sold out....saw Superman Returns instead.
Here are my thoughts:
-Yes, Superman Can fly...but do we have to watch him do it for hours?!
-Louis, honey, you're totall gorgeous, and obviously you've somehow convinced Superman that you're something-even though you are too shallow to realize Mild Mannered Clark is actually JUST AS COOL-but ( and not that I can talk AT ALL) maybe you should think about brushing those locks of yours every once in a while.
-Parker Posie, thank you for making this movie better than ordinary.
-Kevin Spacey, thank you for being equally good.
-Welcome to Jesus Imagry Hour, thank you for joining us-we'll be featuring many parallels throughout the movie, not only through dialogue but also poses and entire scenes....
-My, my doesnt Superman have very good skin!!
-I like Clark better than Superman ( give me a bumbling nerd anyday.) ...and why werent there very many scenes with him?!

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