July 10, 2006

A day with me...

So, I spent most of the day with myself. Just me.

Normally I'm totally a big fan of hanging out with just me. But...maaaaan....I think I reached the end of "me time" today!
My thoughts are starting to drive me insane.


I finally had to give in about 30 minutes ago and just start typing out my thoughts, because the SAME thoughts had been ruminating up in my head for hours upon and hours. And I honestly think things were about to get bad. The devil just looooves it when I get like that. I know he does. He uses it to his advantage.
Its call doubt.

Doubting everything...

So, I did a practical smack down and all the little lies I'd been believing all day sort of floated up to the top.

I am NOT going to make a big mistake.
I am NOT a hypocrite.
I am NOT going to ruin anything.
I am NOT going to stop praying just because I dont see how my prayers are helping.
God is NOT deaf.

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