July 10, 2006

happytalkativepolitefriendly= me.

I woke up feeling....butterflies in my stomache?!
What's THAT about?
I have NOTHING to be nervous about....meeeeh....excited maybe...but even that is premature, right?
Whatever the case, I went and worked out after my morning coffee with papa. Tried to, you know, work off the butterflies or something.

Working out in the mornings is kinda annoying because you run into a million trillion talkative people...I had to be totally pirky. I had to be polite and friendly.

It was too much to ask.


In other news, the packing is going well...I stayed up way late last night and packed two massive boxes. One of which is filled entirely with beauty products. I kid you not. HAHAHAH! It turns out that while I dont actually use styling gel or hair wax or hair "glitter"...I find it very hard to resist buying said products....And an even harder time getting rid of them. Although, I DID throw away several almost empty bottles of shampoo...so I'd say its a winning battle.

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