July 12, 2006

I kid you not...

So, I laid in bed this morning going over my options:

1. I'm crazy. and this is proven by my constant "getting sick" when I'm stressed or have something important coming up...
2. I'm crazy, and this is proven by it possibly all being in my head when it comes to things like colds.
3. I'm crazy, and this is proven by me getting kidney stones ALL THE FREAKIN TIME.
4. I'm crazy, and this is proven by me getting a kidney stone last night...and still having it this morning ( no worries, its one of those "tiny ones" that only hurts in an annoying in the background-so-you-cant-think-but-you-can-still-walk-around-and-do-stuff" sorta way.)
5. I'm crazy, because is it really POSSIBLE to get kidney stones this much?! Is THAT in my head too?!

So, I seriously, thought about NOT telling you that I got a kidney stone-because I'm starting to get paranoid that people will stop believing me... I mean, heck, if it didnt hurt to the point where I cant really ignore it- *I* wouldnt believe me.

Honestly, readers, I'm telling you this because maybe saying it will make it "unreal" and I'll realize that I AM crazy...and it IS all in my head!!

That would be grand.

But, I say all this to say that I've gotten a lot done today and its not even noon yet. And I plan to continue to get stuff done...and then, after tomorrow... I will get up on Friday and I will go to Houston and get on a jet... And whatever ailments I still have I plan to just "not talk about" until...well, I think I can schedule it in saaaaaay midaugust.

( because, I dont have health insurance right now...yup. stupid job switcheroo did that to me!)

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