July 09, 2006

I'm sitting on my bedroom floor surrounded by mayham. I sooooOOOOooo hate living like this! ( half packed /half not) Honestly, if I wasnt leaving in five days I'd probably just go ahead and go totally insane. Buuut, since I AM leaving for New Zealand ( eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!) in five days, I'm just going to buck up and get back to the packing...

or at least...I will when this food digests...

I just ate a brownie. Oh MAAAAAN! Sunday's are SO good-I get to eat chocolate on Sundays.
Of course, I am honestly happy that I only eat like this once a week...because I dont like the icky feeling afterwards.

In other news, I am totally and completely not sure if I'm going to get everything done by Friday...eeeee! But, then again, who cares right? All my responsiblities and other important stuff will just WAIT for me to get back, right? riiiight?
You mean they WONT!?!

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