July 13, 2006

interesting facts...

Its been almost EXACTLY one year since I got that reeeeeeally bad kidney stone that put me in the hospital for two days and out of commision for over a week and a half. ( July 13th 2005)

Its been almost EXACTLY one MONTH since my last MINOR kidney stone that sent me into stressed mode as I was about to have a job interview....(June 14th 2005)

Sooooo...the kidney stones are on some sort of weird timed schedule. NOT. COOL.

And just so you know, as soon as I get insurance again, and have my new job undercontrol, and can fit it on the calendar, I'm TOTALLY going back to the doctor.

Because, I cant live like this.

In other news, the "being stood up" thing turned out to my advantage...I postponed our meeting till the first week of August-when I'm OFFICIALLY working. Much, much better....God's going to have this work out....I should have known.

In other news, I was still feeling a hint of "pain in my right side" at lunch...stupid stone just WONT LET GO. ...But, like I said, I really really dont think this is suppose to fit into my "vacation schedule" so...yeah, God's going to have THIS work out too....

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