July 02, 2006

It's official!

I am no longer a part of the medical world!

My doctors gave me a present...and a card thanking me for my "service". That was sweet of them...I wonder which wife actually went to the trouble? hehehe. I'm just kidding. Honestly, I was really touched by how genuine each of the doctor's was about saying goodbye and the like.
I'll miss them all in their own uniqueness. ;-)

So, yes, that's over.

And the nonsleeping continues...
Now, my mind has switched and is buzzing about ALL sorts of things.
I'll think about my new job, which will rile me up considerably, driving me crazy...
So I'll try to think about something else...hmmm....something else...
Sometime like...saaaaay....moving?
So then I try and picture my new apartment in my head thinking how in the WORLD I'm going to make the mustard yellow and burnt red wall combo in the bedroom work...or the hunting motif in the bathroom fit with my rubberduckies, which just riles me up further...so I'll try and think about something else....saaaaay....packing?
My mind starts to calculate how many boxes it'll take to move my books...or what about my KITCHEN? Or I'll think about the livingroom rug and whether Katie is going to let me have it? ( I wonder if I can buy her half?)...which riles me up even MORE...so I'll try and think about something else...saaaaay....traveling?
I start to imagine seeing each of my beloved friends-starting with Carmi. I wonder if I'll cry when I see her? I bet I do. As each of my friends enters my mind, I break out into a smile...
I'm totally and completely NOT going to be able to take a nap....much less sleep tonight!

I think I'm going to have to start packing right away, because honestly I cant seem to do much 'resting'.

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