July 31, 2006


Man, I wish I could just SKIP the next, saaaaaaay, month and a half ( that's probably a goodly enough amount of time)...and get to where all of THIS gets easier.

I kind of laughed to myself at about 2am last night ( ok, that's a lie..it was more like a whimper..but whatever...writers license) when I saw the similar pattern of two years ago...

step back in time as you remember....

a month holiday which included a trip to Fiji and then a lively jont around New Zealand having a fantastic time with lovely people...after which I headed back to texas where I plunged head long into the HARDEST year EVER. Oh, dont get me wrong...I wouldnt take back that year for anything ( or that trip for that matter! hehehe) ...but it all seemed like foreshadowing when I got off the plane in Houston at an ungodly hour faced with an entirely foreign season ahead....

Oh, I'm just being dramatic. Just blame the two lattes I've already had this morning and the fatigue for moving all day yesterday...
( speaking of which, if you see Jordan around-or just go visit his blog!-give him a BIG OL' PAT on the back...and maybe some cookies or something-because he is OFFICIALLY a HERO for all the amazing help he gave me yesterday. Seriously. could NOT have done it without him!)

But, seriously, friends...I'm so scared of starting my new job tomorrow...and I'm tired just THINKING about my new apartment ( though, its terribly cute and just about PERFECT!)

I feel like I'm somehow not being grateful to God for all the blessings that I've been given...I mean, this job...well, its still pretty much a dream come true-even though I'm scared. And my apartment is, well, just great.

Sooooo.......this has no point, but I'll sum up anyway:

Feeling totally blessed by, obviously, all the blessings I've been given in the past two months.
Feeling overwhelmed by all the work that must be done on my apartment and other loose ends that tend to ravel when you are out of the country for two weeks..
Feeling scared out of my mind by my new job that I officially start tomorrow.
Feeling really happy as I think of all the wonderful friends that I was able to reconnect with over the past two weeks, and feeling really happy to come home to other wonderful friends who I've missed the past two weeks.
Feeling totally and completely grateful to my fantastic parents for EVERYTHING they've done for me

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