July 06, 2006

"a lady of leisure"

Not really.

Infact, it seemed that the very MOMENT that I left my job at the hospital my day planner went from totally blank to TOTALLY full.
Its out of control.
In a slightly good, slightly scary, slightly tiring way.

So, yes I've been packing, but...I've also had a meeting with my new job outlining my To-Do list for the month of August. ( meh. lord help me!) . I've also had various lunch dates and planned parties and impromptu gatherings that have taken up goodly chunks of days, evenings and nights.
And best of all....I'm totally happy and content to wait for the coming storm.
Oh yes, its a storm.
I dont see how it could possibly be considered anything else...
I'm thinking about going to the doctor NOW to get sleeping pills in preparation for the onslot of NEW THINGS that are going to bombard me as a get off the plane in Houston at the end of July.
But, then again, I think its going to be ok. I'm excited to see how Abigail of Tomorrow is going to handle all this. I mean, sure I KNOW how Abigail of Yesterday would handle everything ( badly), but for the moment I'd really like to have HOPE for AoT....I feel like God's gonna help her tremendously.

Oh, and by the way....I had the BEST Fourth of July Ever...family and friends-that-are-like-family galore! Fantastic food...and the perfectlocation to watch fireworks ( the middle of the oldest cemetery in Nacogdoches) ...and superb weather made of grandness all around! Woooooooo! I'm coming back next year ;-)

I'm at my parents writing this at the moment...still without a computer-which is PROBABLY a good thing...afterall, do I Really need to be spending my time playing on a computer, when I SHOULD be doing constructive things??? The point is, no longer is email the best form of communication with me...probably calling me or smoke signals are high on my personal favorites-but I'll keep you updated.

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