July 26, 2006

sleep is for the boring.

not really.

I'd actually really LIKE some sleep right now...but, then again, at this point I have exactly ONE MORE DAY (not counting today) in my fair new zealand. So of course, I figure sleeping would be a waste...which is why I havent slept much in the past few days.
Oooooooh, but if good conversation was some how sleep currency then I'd be well rested right about now.

Wellington has been interesting. Different from Dunedin, probably because its not "my city".... so this part of my trip is less familiar than Dunedin was so in a way I havent had to remind myself that "this is actually special enjoy it" as much...my friends here are familiar-the surroundings less so.
I LOVE that by the way...realizing that you've still got that "why we are friends" thing. Most of the time I really have NO IDEA what makes some people more likely to be your friend than others...but its cool to see that you've still got it. ;-) or they've still got it...or you've both still got it.

Yup. this has been wonderful.
And MAAAAAN do I love to pray wtih my friends....honestly, its my favorite thing to do. And God has been gracious in every single city to bring that to pass.

Seems that Sam is through washing the dishes which means I must depart.

I am starting to wonder if I'm going to EVER be able to truly convey what this trip has meant...or will mean...

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