July 26, 2006


I wrote this post on Sunday, yet for some reason it did not post. soooo here, days later, it is....

I have been continually overwhelmed by God's grace on
this trip...His grace in guiding my days-in providing
perfect timing to some how negotiate all of the people
I need to catch up with ( though-even with the Help-I
feel like I havent done it all perfectly)...in showing
me yet again how He is CONTINUALLY teaching, changing,
guiding, shaping...in my own life. In the lives of my

I hope to see you shortly, and we shall speak
face to face. III John 14

That verse was written in my journal as I headed to
New Zealand one week ago to the day-and I was struck
by how important face to face time can be. God has
taught me a LOT about being with people in Spirit
only, in the past two years or so, and I've delighted
in that knowledge. Yet, there is also NOTHING like
reading someones face. Seeing them as they interact
with the people around them. Watching their eyes.
There is NOTHING like making eye contact. You can
actually learn more in two seconds than you can in
five hundred emails.

A shame-since I'm such an advocate for written
communication. ;-)

But, yes, I've seen a lot the last few days...

Oh, my, I almost want to name names here. I want to
tell you of the love I've seen acted out. But, it
would probably just embarrass the people I mention...

So, tomorrow I head to Wellington. My time here in
Dunedin FLEW by....it is hard to think about leaving
again-because it was just so NORMAL to be here- and
yet, at the same time, I have been reminded several
times that my time here is done. God gave me a vision
a few days before I graduated back in 2004-where He
showed me what it would be like for me if I stayed. I
have been reminded of that vision several times, and I
am encouraged that just as my life has moved on-so has
Dunedin. Dunedin has moved on from ME...
1PM prayer, Oxygen Night Service, The Map....they are
all BETTER....
things that I poured my heart into are no longer mine.

But how wonderful that realization IS!

I've written very little this trip...I think even the
"creative side" of my brain has taken a break. So
sorry about the lack of blogs...I'm sure I'll make up
for it in the future.

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