August 29, 2006

blasted all...

I wrote this totally long ( and dare I say perfect) post only to have it get deleted.
Of course, since there is no proof on just HOW perfect it was...I'm just going to go ahead and say it was THE best POST ever.

This post, however, will be a mere shell of what once was.

I think I'm coming down with something...probably the Broncitis that everyone and there DOGS It doesnt help that I was at work until 8:30 last night ( meeting dragons or something of the like) around TONS of people. And it rained.
Not that that really makes any difference. But it makes it SOUND more dramatic.
Anywho, I went home and went ( almost) directly to bed...stopping to drink the nasty vitamin drink that Aunt Donnave reccommended to me a while back...I drank it while I was in NZ and it kept me healthy then...buuuut...even though I drank it last night, and then slep till 8:30 and drank ANOTHER dose, I'm still feeling uggy.

But, enough about my ever recurring health problems. I like to think of myself as the 22 year old that sounds like an 85 year old.

So, I want to give major props to my readers who look at pictures WAY TOO CLOSELY. Seriously, you guys must have rocked at Where's Waldo ( I dont know what the French version of that is...but google it or something if you dont know what I'm talking about). It excites me that you all have plenty of time to scrutinize my pictures and that the fun isnt even over...Now that I know you will look so closely, I will try and "leave suprises" for you in my next installments of what I like to call "Abigail's Castle: A life of bugs, bad plumbing, but otherwise adorableness"

Yes...I just came up with that title for the pictures of my apartment....a little something extra that wasnt in my first ( though perfect) post. Anyway, you can look forward to those pictures when I get around to it.

In other news, I am getting my hair cut today...its been in this ackward "ugly" phase for a good two weeks now...and its really time to move on and be the beauty that we all know and love ( HAHAHAHAHA! who am I kidding?!)..but seriously now, I havent really decided if:
A. cut a good portion off and continue to have short-er hair..
B. just get a trim and start the ever-growing-out process so that one day soon I can be mistaken for a Pentecostal again ( boy that will forever be one of my FAVORITE stories).
C. Cut my bangs ( fringe, whatever) so that they are definitely bangs and not annoying pieces of hair that dont do anything.
D. Not cut my bangs and grow them out so that my hair is the semblance of the same length.
E. None of the above...dye it purple, get a tatoo and join a rockband.

I honestly havent thought much about it...except to write this post ( oh, and that other post...that was perfect) I will probably just sit like a dud in the stylist chair and let my hairdresser do whatever he wants...of course, you, my readers always have a HUGE say in life decisions ( as is this) so let me know before 3pm ( my time) about any hair preferences you may have. I may take it into account.

I'm going to actually do some work now...after I take something to stop all my bones from aching.

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