August 10, 2006

high school.

It smells exactly the same.
We're talking stale food and bodies, and possibly some generic cleaning supplies mixed in. I've been sitting in the high school commons since 11am this morning ( and as I write this on a scratch piece of notebook paper its almost 2:30pm)  I've been selling raffle tickets to the few parents that actually come with their kids to pick up their class schedule-its made me forty dollars today-but otherwide I've spent some quality time people watching the adults of tomorrow.
I honestly cant tell you how fasinating it is to observe the high schooler of today from a distance.
I mean, obviously, we arent talking a far distance- I mean, I'm only ( quick math in my head) five to nine ( AAAAAAAHHHH! really?! ) years older than they. So maybe it isnt actually that far-but now its seeming farther ( after the actual math).
But, anyway, I saw lots of cute shoes-and lots and LOTS of little short shorts and plaid...and long wrap around necklaces. I would say that after today I understand the teen culture trends pretty well....and I have to say, its generic. But, isnt it always? Everyone fighting really really hard to stay "cool". To fit in, to not stick out.
The kids that draw my eyes are the ones who arent following the trends down to the "t". Those who have some how held onto a shread of their individuality through the tests of teenspirit.
I forgot how hard it was.
I forgot about the games, and the boys....
High School boys are such an interesting brand of boy.
They are very very simple trying very very hard to act complicated.
And the girls trying very hard to seem interesting when really it all boils down to what the people around them think.
Today reminded me of the insecurities that we dont necessarily LOOSE when we leave high school-in fact, we can often get new ones...most of us just do a much better job of hiding reminded me that kindness goes a long long way-especially for the most sullen and defensive of people.
And even though,  in the past few weeks I've never felt so "adult" in all my life, and I've never wished I WASNT an adult so much as I have during this, I was reminded that I wouldnt trade the bills or the responsibility or the worry for being a teenager today for one second. Not one.
It was fun at the time, but how great it is to grow up.

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