August 11, 2006

the weeks end.

I honestly cant believe its friday! I guess I should be happy ( and I am).
But, then again, I'm like..."what did I accomplish this week, was it enough?! "
Anywhos..last night, I was doing laundry, and interesting note is that my drier door falls completely off every time you open it-forcing you to spend the next five minutes trying to get it back on ( ooooh yesssss its fun)
Anyway, I was running "late" to bed-and had to get my last load of clothes out of the drier so that they wouldnt wrinkle over night and I pulled the door open and it landed SQUARELY on my right big toe.
It hurt SOOOO badly I nearly threw up right there on my little laundry landing ( if you could see it you would see how aptly named THAT particular alliteration actually is!). I put ice on it-but today I'm hobbling around and I had to spend a good ten minutes trying to find shoes that didnt hurt HORRIBLY.
At the moment ( as in last night and thursday night) I am trying to come off my "sleeping aid" ( aka. Benedryl) which I've been pretty much taking every night since coming back from NZ two weeks ago ( its only been TWO WEEKS?!!!!!!) -it wasnt TOO bad on Thursday night, probably went to sleep around 12:30. But, LAST night...I think the toe incendent really through me for a loop. boo. So, I'm tired.
So, I thought a lot while I was lying there trying to sleep...and now, in the light of the morning I'm trying to distinguish between whether or not some of my life decisions last night were "nighttime crazies" or if they were valid. I know that sounds strange. But, do you ever say to yourself " I need to do ____ and this is why that is a valid God-Solution. So tomorrow I will start to think and act thusly." ?!
Maybe its just me.
Sitting here thinking about it, I realize my decision that I made at 1:34ish AM last night was actually very valid-even if it WAS late...and its just that I dont want to DO IT...Oh, Lord give me the strength to be stronger than I am....

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