August 07, 2006

The Monday

Much better thank you.
Seriously, I mean, the kidney stone is technically still there...a constant reminder that I am, infact, human beyond belief.
Not that I <em>needed</em> reminding really...I feel that at my job anyway. But, today has been mildly better...In fact, I even wrote a totally great ( I think so) article for the fact, I feel even better about it, because I think it might actually make someones day ( the person I was writing about was a teacher who just retired. Unhappily retired.)
When I talked to her on the phone, she almost cried.
Honestly, <em> I</em> almost cried.
So, yes...
I was also totally encouraged at church on Sunday...its so wonderful to know people are praying for you. Spiritual Family. Its a wonderful, priceless thing.
Also the sermons were really good...and I also got some much needed, "Its going to be ok." comments about my job.
I mean, I KNOW that's silly that I actually need to hear that..but I do.
I DO need to here that...because sitting here, in this office right now, well, it doesnt seeeeeem like its going to be OK.
Oh, and for you nosey-because-you-love-me people out there, I have a Doctor's appointment ( the specialist) on I just pray they know what to do with me and my stone-making kidneys.

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