August 08, 2006

a present...

of hate...
SooOOooooooO, when YOU leave a job do you ever saaaaaay...just dont do anything for the last MONTH ( maybe two) that you are at said job?!
Seems like that was the plan of SOMEBODY.
Today's revelation:
I have over a THOUSAND raffle tickets to sell before September 1st.
Because somebody bought a thousand raffle tickets that are all pretty and have the date of the raffle and the type of raffle printed on them. I havent gotten the exact figures on how much that cost to get done, but I'm guessing a couple hundred dollars. Sooooooo, at 2 dollars a pop I need to sell a couple hundred just to hopefully break even.
I am trying to not hate somebody right now.
On a happy note:
"Would anyone like to buy a raffle ticket to get SEASON TICKETS to the Dragon football games this season, PLUS other cool dragon-y prizes...liiiiike travel mugs, or a pair stadium chairs?! I KNOOOOW you want one ( or twenty)."

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