August 18, 2006


I found pictures…lots of them.
Old ones.
Obscure pictures.

How much do you love pictures that capture a moment?
Tonight I basked in some memories…

I pushed my face hard into the bare mattress and was ANGRY at God
…I looked around at Lydia’s room…the posters still on the wall, but everything else piled up in boxes against the wall…
That moment was both horrible and yet entirely good/necessary.
I would go back to Texas after that.
And I would be glad that Kristy had gotten out the camera in that significant moment.
To remind me why I couldn’t stay.

We laid there in the sun…not saying anything and if we did it didn’t have any weight…it just floated away on some summer breeze. Moments like that are why I love summer, why I love my friends, why I love afternoons. And ultimately why it was so hard to LEAVE.
Hastings 2004

We’d been driving for hours, down dusty highways…stopping for ice cream and dips in the river…and critters that crossed the road. Listening to Coldplay and the soundtrack to Save the Last Dance. I honestly didn’t care if we EVER got to our destination…

We stood on the dark, cold, bare campus of a University that none of us attended…just there for the weekend. But as we began to sing and pray it was as though it was day, and warm…and home.
bootcamp prayer

They had dug a hole and put a trampoline in it. Genius.
We loved “they” for it…though we just came to the house for “weekends away”…an empty house with a baby bed in the back bedroom. Odd.
We would fill the house with laughter, deep discussions, new inside jokes, prayer, pranks and food…and then we’d pack up and leave. But not without taking home some memories of starry nights on the trampoline.

Once the music started, once we were dancing all together in a big group.. it didn’t really matter what our dresses looked like, or if our hair was working for us…besides, no matter how hard you try-you’ll make a face like this too…ah, high school…

Life was truly beautiful, it was paradise, and no matter how hard you pinched yourself you really didn’t wake up…in Fiji one can hardly contain the joy of life…we didn’t even try…

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