August 18, 2006

Another kind of Review...

I'm totally the fan of soundtracks...its like the mega-version of the "mix tape"...or the "mix CD" ( which I've raved about my particular delight of these on this blog many times)...

So, you can imagine how happy I was when I heard that the "sequal" to the Garden State soundtrack was coming soon in the form of "The Last Kiss" soundtrack.

And my happiness was not disappointed. I'm totally loving this soundtack. I must admit I actually own a good number of the songs already ( Imogen Heap, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Rufus Wainwright, Amos Lee...) but the thing I think I love about this CD is that all these songs are now married together in some special way, conveniently located on one CD for my listening pleasure. They flow nicely so you can leave it on and not worry about being jarred awake by some weird random song that doesnt fit.


In other news: Thomas played the good brother today and hung my pictures and mirrors in my living room...rock on.

Have a good weekend everyone. I plan to stay in bed as much as possible.

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