August 24, 2006

Work Related Evil

OK, so today I'm pretty much over the $900 mistake that the previous girl made ( that I found yesterday)...afterall, Its not my fault and I'll do everything I can ( pray like nobodies business) to try and deal with said why cry over spilled milk, right?
That's right...
So, that means today I'm ultra calm and able to focus on the annoying ANNOYING ANNNNOOOOOOYYYYYYIIINNNG firewalls at this blasted high school.
I am now remembering all the things i hated about this place back in the day.
OK, so not only am I not able to read your blog posts ( especially if you still havent clicked on "publish all" under your preferences ( whhhhy???) and I'm still not able to read my emails..but ALSO I can't get on WORK related sites.
I cannot WAIT until next week when I get my DSL line put in and I can "stick it to the man" and do all sorts of school-illegal activities  right here in the school...oooooh....I think my first order of business will be to watch something on YouTube...because THAT will be just SCANDALOUS!
Can anyone else just not wait until this week is OVER?! Is it just me or is the month of August possibly the longest month in the history of MONTHS?!
September: I've never loved you so much, or longed for your arrival so much, I've never desired the taste of quasi-fall ( since in Texas anything but summer doesnt exist) so much...
~ I just want to put my first month of work behind me...but I'm pretty sure its going to stretch on until eternity.
~And speaking of work, and feeling stupid and useless ( you mean, I wasnt talking about that?) I am sooo hoping that there is a "FrontPage for Dummies" book out there because this Microsoft Press book is TOTALLY USELESS. I feel like an idiot. I will NEVER create a webpage...does anyone know ANYTHING about this program?!
*tears from heaven*
~ OK, I'm going to end on a happy note-I've been moaning this whole, as you may or maynot know...I've been watching Prison Break pretty much SOLID for the past two weeks...and I have a pretty major crush on Wentworth Miller/Michael Scofield
And that's totally not normal.
I dont GET crushes on fictional people...
I mean, dont get me wrong I totally loved The Captain from Firefly....but it was more in a " I realize this is fiction" kind of a way...and I honestly dont know if my little mind has grasped that I cant MARRY Michael Scofield...hahahah!
Anyway, I find it really funny that I've become this sad and pitiful. And that is why I share it with you now...because obviously if we dont laugh at me right now-than it'll just be a waste.
Oh, and here's another thing ( since I'm obviously into this "too much information" thing)...I dont think its realistic at ALL that I'm so into these mono-syllible guys on TV...because, really, I'm all about people TALKING to reality It'd probably drive me crazy that this guy is looking at me with those brooding eyes but not actually SAYING anything. It'd get old fast.
So, I'm going to try and convince myself that Michael Scofield is fictional and that I actually need to start looking for some guy that LOOKS like a brooder, but in reality ...isnt.
OK! Now that you've lost all respect for me! Have a good day...

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